jmass Authors of papers presented at IEEE MetroAeroSpace 2021 may submit a technically extended version to the Special Issue of IEEE J-MASS - The Journal on Miniaturization for Air and Space Systems.

The IEEE Journal on Miniaturization for Air and Space Systems (J-MASS) is a new technical journal devoted to covering the rapidly evolving field of small air and space systems such as drones and small satellites. These platforms offer new, low-cost ways to accomplish a wide range of sensing functions for applications ranging from agriculture to land use and ocean surveys.
This publication will address the needs of the community of systems developers and users of highly miniaturized airborne and spaceborne systems and components. Developers of these small, low-cost instrumentation, sensor, control and propulsion systems will have a forum in which to share their work with the wider community and further spur additional research, development, and commercialization.

The Special Issue website can be reached at:

Special Issue

Development of Advanced Aerospace systems for innovative remote sensing and monitoring applications

The IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace takes place in its 8th edition. MetroAeroSpace ( addresses several topics related to advanced Aerospace systems for remote sensing and monitoring applications. The paper contribution can also include the design and the development of innovative integrated systems aided to improve the navigation function of Aerospace systems, such as satellites, manned aircraft, and unmanned platforms in order to achieve remote sensing and monitoring missions. The 2021 MetroAeroSpace Workshop (June 23-25, 2021, Naples, IT) was sponsored by the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

September 15, 2021

Domenico ACCARDO, University of Naples Federico II, Italy -
Claudia CONTE, University of Naples Federico II, Italy -

Preparation for Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts with supporting documents are submitted to the web-based portal: After registering with the site, Author Instructions provide detailed guidelines for manuscript preparation. All authors of a paper must each link a valid ORCID ID to their personal page on the system. Submission requirements include:

  1. A Cover Letter clearly identifying the paper as a submission for the Special Issue and that it is an extended version of the original conference paper (abstract). Any changes to the author list between the original article and the new submission must be explained with all co-authors (original, new, removed) as co-signers.
  2. The extended manuscript.
  3. Details describing how the paper has been technically extended. This is provided as a separate file to be uploaded as part of the submission process.
  4. A PDF copy of the original abstract.
  5. The name of the Special Issue should be included in the upper right-hand corner of every document submitted.
  6. Additional details available on the manuscript submission portal,, and on J-MASS information site,

Submission Policies

IEEE J-MASS has a number of submission policies that align with IEEE and other publications. Please read through them carefully before submitting your manuscript.


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