Round Table - TUESDAY, JUNE 22 - 15:00 - 16:30 CEST

Education in Metrology for AeroSpace

The role of instrumentation and measurement (I&M) in aerospace systems is continuing to grow. As a consequence of the evolution, I&M for aerospace systems has become progressively more complex to design, develop, and maintain. I&M is not confined merely to aircraft, but includes specific solutions for air-traffic management (ATM) applications; communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems; and automated decision-support systems (DSS) for manned/unmanned aircraft operations in all classes of airspace, addressing both strategic and tactical operational timeframes.

In traditional academic settings, the scope of I&M has often been narrowed from aviation/aerospace electronics systems to aircraft electronics. Improving coordination between industry and academic institutions can decrease the gap between university preparation and industry needs.

The main aim of the Round Table on Education in Metrology for AeroSpace is focused on allowing discussion among well-known experts, providing international perspective and highlighting innovative solutions and common approaches in the field of education for I&M in aerospace.

Tentative Programme


Domenico Accardo, University of Naples 'Federico II', Italy
Stephen Dyer, Kansas State University, US
Bernardo Tellini, University of Pisa, Italy


  1. Tatiana Bulimaga, Veaceslav Sprincean
    Research & Innovation Institute, Moldova State University, Republic of Moldova
  2. Alexander Nebylov
    Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Russia
    Nikolay Rodnishchev
    Tupolev Kazan National Research Technical University - KAI, Russia
    Yevgeny Somov
    Samara State Technical University, Korolev Samara State Aerospace University, Russia
  3. Carlo Bettanini
    University of Padova, Italy
  4. Marco Lovera
    Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  5. Matteo Perghem Gelmi
    Italian Air Force Academy
  6. Cristian-Emil Moldoveanu
    Military Technical Academy in Bucharest, Romania
  7. Ioannis Templalexis
    Hellenic Air Force Academy, Greece
  8. Konrad Wojtowicz
    Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
  9. Vladimir Saetchnikov
    Belarusian State University – BSU, Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies
  10. Roberto Sabatini
    RMIT University, Australia
  11. Stephen Dyer
    Kansas State University, US

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