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Padua is one of the oldest cities in Italy. In ancient times, Padova achieved a victory over the Spartans before it was conquered by the Romans and received the town charter. In the Middle Ages, Padua was an independent city state, like many of its neighbouring cities, but was ruled by a Podesta of the emperor. 

In 1405 the city finally fell to Venice, in 1797 to Napoleon, and finally to Austria. With one of the oldest universities in the world officially founded on 1222, Padua was always an intellectual and artistic centre, wich brought many art treasures to the city and made it a hotbed of revolutionary ideas. 






Thursday, June 22, 2017

20:30 - 23:00

We are glad to announce that the gala dinner will be held at "Tavern di Villa Cornèr"


In the area of the historical venetian cities, 300 mt away from the highway, surrounded by the Rocca Federiciana, is located the Villa Corner Restaurant, with their atmosphere of sophistication without pretension, providing its guests with style and traditional hospitality.A corner of paradise with 2 hectares of centuries-old trees, a fountain and multicoloured seasonal flowers.
The Tavern of Villa Corner. A combination of the fine art dated 1500 and the exquisite fisch cuisine prepared by our Chefs, Monica and Renzo, make it the ideal location for any kind of event.
The ancient Villa Corner stable may accommodate up to 150 guests for any kind of seated event. What makes this place a unique masterpiece is the original stairway located right in the middle of the lounge coming from the m/v Saturnia, an old transatlantic. The Villa Corner Barchessa (ancient arcade) is located right in front of the private park , for unique outdoor party.

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I Leoni di San Marco will enjoy the dinner.

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