barra table a Padua

Padua is one of the oldest cities in Italy. In ancient times, Padova achieved a victory over the Spartans before it was conquered by the Romans and received the town charter. In the Middle Ages, Padua was an independent city state, like many of its neighbouring cities, but was ruled by a Podesta of the emperor. 

In 1405 the city finally fell to Venice, in 1797 to Napoleon, and finally to Austria. With one of the oldest universities in the world officially founded on 1222, Padua was always an intellectual and artistic centre, wich brought many art treasures to the city and made it a hotbed of revolutionary ideas. 





The registration fees are as follows and must be paid in Euro:


-  In advance  -

Until April 29, 2017

-  At Conference  -

After April 29, 2017

IEEE Member  € 390,00

 € 440,00

Non Member  € 535,00  € 600,00
IEEE Student Member  € 170,00  € 220,00
IEEE Life Member  € 170,00  € 220,00


Fees are inclusive of VAT if due. 

["Per gli enti pubblici italiani che richiedono l'esenzione IVA ai sensi dell'art. 14, comma 10, della legge 24 dicembre 1993, n.537, seguire le istruzioni."]

Per gli italiani dipendenti di istituzioni pubbliche è possibile richiedere di non applicare l’IVA alla quota prevista ai sensi dell’art. 14, comma 10, della legge 24 dicembre 1993, n.537. A tal fine si prega di compilare il documento [download .doc] di richiesta e di inviarlo debitamente firmato agli organizzatori (via email all'indirizzo Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.). Gli organizzatori provvederanno a rispondere all’email di richiesta inviando la corrispondente fattura.


Member and non-member workshop registration fees include:

- Workshop kit

- One copy of the proceeding in electronic form

- Entrance to all sessions

- Welcome Party

- Coffee breaks

- Lunches

- Gala dinner



Student and IEEE Life Member registration fees include:

- Workshop kit

- One copy of the proceeding in electronic form

- Entrance to all sessions

- Welcome Party

- Coffee breaks

 - Lunches


The following additional items can be also purchased:


- In advance -   
    Until April 29,  2017

- At Conference -  

After April 29, 2017

Additional Welcome Party
 € 20,00
 € 20,00
Additional Lunch Ticket
 € 40,00
 € 45,00
Additional Gala Dinner Ticket
 € 100,00
 € 110,00


  Covering the expenses for Paper Publication

Please read carefully the following information concerning the registration procedure, especially if you are the prospective presenter of an accepted paper or if you need to guarantee inclusion of your accepted paper in the proceedings. An accepted paper will be published in the proceedings only if the full-fee registration payment for one of the authors is received and correctly processed by May 22, 2017 - no exceptions.

Only member or non-member fees are allowed to cover the publication of an accepted paper. To qualify for member rates, the author must include his or her membership number on the registration form. Student registration fees cannot be used to guarantee the publication of an accepted paper. If the author registering to cover the paper publication is a student, he or she has to pay the appropriate member or non-member fee. Members to whom the society bylaws grant special discounts (e.g., Students, Life members of the IEEE) cannot use the discounted rates to cover the publication of an accepted paper; they have to pay the member fee.

One author registration will cover the publication expenses of only ONE accepted paper. For each additional accepted paper associated whit the same registration, a € 50 printing contribution will be charged (maximum ONE extra-paper). In the case that no registration has been received and correctly processed to cover the paper publication, the workshop organizers will contact the authors before the paper is removed from the proceedings.

The Conference Proceedings will be included in the IEEE Interactive Electronic Library (IEL) as part of IEEE Xplore. All authors who have been accepted must register for the conference and attend the conference to present their paper. Authors who do not attend the conference to present their papers, or arrange for a co-author or knowledgeable colleague to present their paper in the absence of the primary author, will not have their paper published in the IEEE IEL and IEEE Xplore, per latest IEEE policy.